[Bay Area] Sex, Drugs, Success: An Evening with Female CEOs of Sin Businesses - May 4th, 2018



Fri, May 4, 2018
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM PDT

San Francisco, CA
Covo - 981 Mission Street

Ticket Price
$20 - 40
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Sin Pays: Self-Funded Women-Owned Business Successes

Why They Did It. How They Did It. What They Learned.

Girl Groove presents inspiring female founders and risk-takers who will share their uncensored stories of the risks, rewards, and challenges of starting and running a business outside the usual boundaries of propriety, namely: cannabis and sex.

Ever since the Garden of Eden, women have been associated with sin. But, many have learned how to turn a profit on it - from Miss Kitty who owned the saloon in Gunsmoke, to the early 60’s TV Western to Maggie Gyllenhaal in “The Deuce” -- even Melanie Griffith in “Working Girl”, who famously said, “I’ve got a brain for business and a bod for sin.”

This is a night of badass successful women who’ve drawn their own blueprints for success with a lot of inspiration and perspiration.…in sin businesses. They will be sharing their stories of success, the lessons they’ve learned, and how you might do the same.


Dale Sky Jones
CEO/Chancellor, Oaksterdam University

Kimberly Scott Faubel
Director of Operations, Clandestine Devices

Nenna Joiner
Owner/Founder, Feelmore Gallery

Co-Founder, Luster Productions

Cyo Ray Nystrom
CEO/Co-Founder, Quim Rock

Amanda Reiman
Moderator, MSW, Ph.D. FlowKana

Who Should Attend?

This event is designed to bring together women and allies interested in leadership skills, empowering women, professional and personal development, and networking to encourage discussion and learning in the areas of career evolution, networking, entrepreneurship,, women's empowerment, and ending the gender gap in the workplace .

Join us for an inspiring, empowering, and unforgettable evening!

Celebrate with drinks, music, goodie bags. A great way to launch your weekend!

Learn more about the event, speakers, and agenda by clicking this link!