[Brooklyn] Curious Fox Anniversary Soirée - Apr 4th, 2018

Image courtesy of Effy Blue and Curious Fox

Image courtesy of Effy Blue and Curious Fox


Wednesday, April 4th
7:30 PM

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
New Women Space

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HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Mingle with warm, friendly Curious Foxes! Sip and munch with a warm community of curious souls. Pinkies up!

Mingle and socialize with fellow Curious Foxes to celebrate our 2 YEAR anniversary! It is also the HOUSEWARMING to Curious Fox's new permanent home, The New Women's Space in Williamsburg, NY. Dress in your Wednesday's best for this soirée and mingle amongst our warm community. In lieu of a panel this month, we will connect with each other and meet new Foxes!

Doors open at 7:30pm. We will provide hors d'oeuvres and beverages, and we encourage you to bring your own drinks to share as well. Photos are okay with consent from all parties.

We can't wait to reflect with you on your journey exploring open relationships and challenging the status quo on relationships and sexuality. Wherever you are in your exploration, you are welcome. Get ready to make some new connections with like-minded people and have engaging conversation in our intimate event space.

As always, at Curious Fox we warmly welcome first timers as well as all genders, races, ages, and orientations. No promises, no pressure.

Thank you for your support over these 2 years!

Are you a Curious Fox?

Curious: An engaged interest, a desire for discovery, a dedication to growth.

Fox: In Japanese culture foxes (kitsune) are believed to possess high intelligence, long life, and magical powers as well as being faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and partners.

Combined, Curious Foxes will approach new situations with an open mind, wisdom, and humility. They will explore together while challenging themselves to look within. Curious Foxes know how to ask questions with purpose while being able to listen fully and authentically to their answers. Curious Foxes stay curious.

Get 10% off with Code KINKKIT10