Ruleplay Roleplay

Need some extra-sexy inspiration for this game? Take a look at some examples below.

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Rules Ideas

Replace bolded text with your own blank. Rules can range from silly to sexy - it's your game! Play however you want to!

  • Send me a good morning/good night text every day.
  • Wear red underwear on Tuesday.
  • Send me three things you are grateful for every day. 
  • Write Belongs to ___ in eyebrow pencil each day on your upper thigh. Send me a photo of it four different times per day.
  • Pleasure yourself and edge twice before climaxing every night.
  • Send me a text about a different fantasy you have every day. 
  • When I say or text you the word "banana", you have to tell me whether you are sitting, standing, or laying down.
  • At 4pm, text me a question about myself.
  • Send me a Snapchat story at lunchtime.
  • Do one nice thing for a random person a day and tell me about it.
  • When you get home from work, no clothes are allowed except for underwear and one sock.

Funishment IDEAS

(Remember, fun-ishments are supposed to have an element of fun to them - and both partners must consent to the fun-ishment before the game begins!)

  • You must edge but not finish for four days.
  • No Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime/YouTube for three days
  • You must write "I will follow the rules next time." by hand 20 times and send me a picture.
  • No social media of any kind for three days. (You can use an app to control this!)
  • The next time I see you, you're getting a spanking.
  • You must tell me one embarrassing story over the phone.
  • You must do a stripdance/twerk for me on camera (confidentially and for partners' eyes only, of course!).
  • (If your partner lives with roommates/family): You must do others' chores, including your own, for a week

We hope these rules and funishments give you some inspiration! Enjoy. :)

The KinkKit Team

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