10+ Tips to Give Mind-"Blowing" Oral Sex

Make oral sex the star of your next bedroom romp.



Oral sex is often thought of as mere “Foreplay”. Sometimes, it’s skipped altogether! At Kink.Ed, we believe that Oral Sex is more than just a pleasurable prequel to sex: done properly, it can actually be the main event! Here are some of our tips to take your Oral Sex game to the next level.

  1. Play Simon Says.

    Ask your partner for directions. In fact, do absolutely NOTHING until they direct you. You may learn some extra insights on what pleases your partner!

  2. Put a blindfold on your partner (if they are receiving).

    This will encourage them to lay back and get lost in the sensations… and make you feel a little kinky.

  3. Put a blindfold on yourself (if you are giving oral).

    Oral sex is as much of an experience for you as it is for your partner.. make oral sex a sensory experience, and focus on one sense at a time.

  4. Go on all fours.

    The “default” oral sex position is laying on one’s back, but by going on all fours, you can provide for a different experience… and maybe even try some booty play, while you’re at it!

  5. Get an ORAL KinkKit:

    This kit is specially designed by professional sex counselors to bring your ORAL sex game to the next level offers several games and innovative items to help you expand your kinky sexual repertoire. Check out our ORAL Kit here.

  6. Incorporate booty play into oral sex.

    Use a butt plug or vibrating butt plug during oral sex to really make your partner see fireworks. You can also try rimming your partner (licking the booty) while stimulating with your hands — the anus has TONS of nerve endings, and sensitive touch can be very pleasurable!

  7. If your partner has a vulva, use your tongue to spell out words.

    This one is an oldie but a goodie. Challenge your partner to guess what words you are spelling!

  8. Get handsy.

    Use your fingers as well as your hands in conjunction with your mouth! Experiment with different pressures and movements.

  9. Use a toy such as a finger vibrator or dildo.

    This will increase stimulation and pleasure for your partner while you give Oral — everyone loves good vibrations!

  10. If your partner has a penis, get a masturbation sleeve with an open top and use it in conjunction with oral sex.

    This will not only give your jaw a break, the additional sensations will be fun for your partner!

  11. Use an edible massage oil or coconut oil in conjunction with (external) oral sex.

    We do not recommend using any oils internally unless they are body-safe and pH balanced. Always test and use caution when using products internally - many products can disrupt the natural flora of the vagina.

  12. Get a tingly, body-safe balm or oil (made for the purpose of oral sex) and kiss your partner’s body all over.

    Be careful on testing products near sensitive groin areas, as well as by the nipples — everyone’s tolerance is difference. Absolutely do not use any lip-plumping or tingly makeup on your partner — be sure that you are using body-safe, edible balms that are created for the purpose of oral sex only. We have included two of our favorite tingly balms in our ORAL Kit.

Inspired? Set an Oral-Sex-only date with your partner and try one or all of these tips! We guarantee, you’ll be looking at Oral Sex in a new light.