How to Have the Best Sex for Your Sun Sign This Taurus Season


 Taurus season is coming to a close; why not wrap it up with a bang? Different seasons affect the sun signs in different ways, so we’ve compiled the best sex tips for your sun sign to get down with a Taurean twist.


Taurean Vibes: Throat Chakra

Physical Center: Head

Toy: whatever you are in the mood for!

Lusty Rams are extremely hot-blooded and love animalistic, passionate sex. This Taurus Season, get primal with an impromptu tryst. As Aries rules the head and Taurus rules the throat, start with some scalp rubbing and/or hair-pulling (just remember to pull from roots, not from hair ends - and, with prior consent!). As the action starts getting heavy, get attuned with Taurus (which rules the throat chakra) by moaning loudly and enthusiastically. Breathe deeply and let the vibration of your vocal chords send pleasurable vibrations throughout your body. Done properly, your quickie could get downright Tantric.


Taurean vibes: all of them!

Physical center: Throat

Toy: Warm, luxurious bath with essential oils to start... then whatever else your heart desires. ;-)

It’s your time, baby. Take it slooooow and indulge in all your pleasurable whims!

Hedonistic Taureans are all about sensual and sensory experiences. Pre or post sex, light some candles and slip into a warm bath (alone or with your partner) using essential oils and rose petals. Follow it up with some long, unadulterated foreplay (or self love). Start with synchronized breathing and eye gazing, then kiss or caress the neck (after all, Taurus’ physical center is the throat) until the receiving partner is breathless for more. Indulge them. ;-)


Taurean vibes: Slow, sensual

Physical Centers: Arms

Toy: Double-ended, Curved Dildo

Gemini tends to feel a little restricted during Taurean season, and may want to spend more time alone. This may be an amazing opportunity for some self love, especially as May has been unofficially deemed “Masturbation Month”. The twins are energetic enough in lovemaking to be more than enough lover for a solo love session. To get the most out of Taurus season, Gemini can switch up the traditional masturbation session with slow, sensual self-loving. Lay back with eyes closed and take time to fully explore your body with hands first, then moving on to a double ended, curved massager (which can be paired with a vibe for orgasmic effect). Gemini twins are also ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so download some audiobook erotica and listen while you enjoy.



Taurean vibes: Slow, sensual seduction

Physical center: Hands

Toy: Eye restraints, earplugs

Cancers need a little sensual persuasion to fully come out of their shells— thankfully, sensual persuasion is Taurus’ sexpertise. As Cancer rules the hands, explore the sense of Touch paired with sensory deprivation (have both partners use eye restraints and earplugs or headphones with your choice of music) to explore each others’ bodies.

More adventurous Crabs might choose to sexperiment with blindfolded Marco Polo (a la that scene from Blockers).. find your partner with your hands and voice, being very careful not to bump into anything!



Taurean Vibes: luxury, hedonism

Physical Centers: Spine

Pleasure Toy: Spiky Pinwheel


In many ways, impulsive Leos may feel restricted by stable Taurean vibes - however, Leos can certainly benefit in the bedroom from Taurus’s love of sensuality and hedonism. The Astrological Kings (or Queens!) of the Jungle love grand, romantic gestures and overt expressions of adoration from their lovers.

Start by having your lover give you the royal treatment with some sensory service. Invest in some satiny or soft sheets (Taurus vibes will bring out the hedonist in you) and lay back as your lover lightly scratches and massages your body with oils. A Wartenberg wheel (spiky pinwheel) drawn lightly down the spine could well make you purr (as a Leo’s physical center is the spine). Feel your lover’s adoration through their sensory service… before you pounce and return a little royal treatment of your own.



Taurean vibes: Indulgence

Physical center: Stomach

Toy: Flavored body paint or sweet lickable food

To a Virgo, action is relaxation, so to keep the vibe of Taurean luxury going, plan a staycation or even a weekend getaway with your lover! Revel in the rique of a new location where you can put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and explore each others’ bodies without interruption. Virgos’ physical center is the stomach, so have your lover run their nails gently or lick circles over your belly during foreplay. Explore explosive sensations with edible body paint or lickable foods (think chocolate syrup, whipped cream, creamy peanut butter, frosting, etc).



Taurean vibes: Refined sensuality

Physical Center: Kidneys (lower back)

Toy: Massage oils, Soft-bristled paint brush (or a range of bristled brushes)

Libras tend to feel a little more moody and stubborn during Taurus season, so have your lover treat you with some sensory pleasure to help you get out of your head! Libra’s physical center is the kidneys, so a deep tissue massage to relieve stress in the lower back would be a special turn-on. Libras, like Taureans, value refined sensuality, and treat their partners like works of art. Using a soft brush and a small bowl of warmed oil (massage oil or a vegetable oil like coconut should do the trick), explore with sensation play by dipping your brush in the oil and painting your lover’s body in oil from top to bottom. Rub in the oil slowly with your hands - or with your body. ;-)



Taurean vibes: Sensory exploration

Physical domain: Groin

Toy: Restraints or spreader bar, Feather tickler

Scorpios are perhaps the most sexual beings of the zodiac, as their physical center is the groin. Delve into some sensual power play and explore dominance and submission with bondage. One (consenting) partner should be restrained (or spread, if that does it for you) and brought to the edge over and over again with feather-light caresses. Don’t forget to use your safe words! Afterwards, as with any power play experience, practice “Aftercare”, a tradition common to BDSM (but one that should really be implemented in any relationship). Aftercare is the process of checking in with your lover to make sure both partners are feeling happy and loved. How did the play go? Cuddle, kiss, and caress your lover as you feel the post-orgasmic vibes hum through your body.



Taurean vibes: Slow tease (building anticipation)

Physical center: Hips

Toy:  Whatever you’re vibing with!

Sags are thrill-seekers when it comes to romance, and love physical exploration (with a hint of danger). Taurean vibes prefer you take it slow, so these fire equestrians should preface their rough riding sessions with a slow burn. Start with some steamy sexts. Once you’ve gotten your lover panting with anticipation, go out and do some dirty dancing before you go back home to make love. Sagittarius’ physical centers are the hips, so grind away into your lover, exploring each others’ bodies (as much as you dare) with your hands. Sags are especially excited by the thrill of public indiscretions, so the two of you will be raring to race home and start the real sexploration.



Taurean vibes: Stability, Receiving pleasure

Physical Centers: Knees

Toy: Flavored lube and/or vibrator


Capricorns are known for being kinky … once they feel they are with a partner they can open up to! As Capricorn’s physical centers come from the knees, adventurous sea goats can practice some powerplay (Domination/submission) and long, slow standing oral sex where one lover dominates and the other submits on their knees. Like Taurus, Capricorn is all about receiving pleasure, though in 2018, we’re ALL about mutual reciprocation (cough cough DJ Khaled). ;) Add some spice to oral sex by using a vibrator at the same time to stimulate other erogenous zones… anybody with any body can enjoy some extra good vibrations with oral sensations.


Taurean vibes: Pampering

Physical Centers: Ankles

Toy: Any toy you like!

Aquareans love creativity and are rebels at heart, so what could be better than a raunchy roleplay? Explore a roleplay about “breaking the rules” in some way - perhaps one partner is a naughty thief and the other catches them in the act of “lifting” the last cookie before dinner.. or some other rule that you both set. Once the perp has been discovered, that’s where the fun really begins. ;-)

The naughty lover must submit to a pre-consented “funishment” (short for fun punishment), such as light spanking, edging (bringing your lover to the edge of orgasm without finishing), or endless teasing that makes your lover beg for more. Aquarius’ planetary ruler governs technology (and sex toys are on that list), so consider experimenting with your lover, or better yet, have your lover experiment with you!

Afterwards, let Taurus take over for some “Aftercare”, a practice common to BDSM (but one that should really be implemented in any relationship). Aftercare is the process of checking in with your lover to make sure both partners are feeling happy and loved. How did the play go? Cuddle each other while you both feel the happy vibes resonate through you.



Taurean vibes: Sensual, Erotic

Physical Centers: Feet

Toy: Crystal massager

Pisces and Taurus signs vibe incredibly well in bed, so it’s no wonder that Pisces would benefit greatly from some sensual, Tantric, energy-driven lovemaking with their partner. Tantra is all about your breath. Begin with soul gazing (seated, mutual eye gazing) and work to synchronize your breaths with some easy box breathing (breathe in for a count of 3, hold for 3, breathe out for 3). Follow up with a full body massage, not forgetting to keep your breathing patterns steady. Spend extra time on the hands and feet, as those are important acupressure spots — and Pisces’ physical centers are the feet. Continue breathing with each other as you continue your pleasurable sexploration for a truly transcendent experience.


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