Don't Have Sex Dice?... Play This Kinky Game of Chance Anywhere

You've heard of sexy dice, right?

You roll the dice and whatever action the dice lands on, you try. Sounds easy enough... except the dice are only 6 sides apiece. We adapted this game for smartphones... instead of 6 actions and 6 body parts, you get 12!


Scroll down to the first "Action" Screen and take a screenshot. Then scroll down to the second "Body Part" Screen and take a screenshot. Then open your photos to reveal your result!

You can play this game in a few variations:

(1) Pass the phone back and forth in between each round. 

(2) Choose a “Giver” and a “Receiver”... then the Giver keeps all attention on the Receiver. 





Want to add some spice??

Choose one partner to stand or lay down, naked, with eyes closed or blindfolded. Then the touch comes as a surprise!


May luck be with you ;)...