This Spotify Playlist Will Make You Feel Like a Hipster Sex Kitten

Get ready for some eargasms.

Get ready for some eargasms.

Behold, the fruit of our looms.

We've combed through thousands of hours of music to bring you the perfect playlist for When You Want That Soulful, Slightly Melancholy Hipster Sex

It's got just the right amount of soul, a dash of "nobody gets me", some serious cool-kid vibes, and enough trendy sex appeal that you'll feel like you're making love in a loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Or just writing your screenplay at a coffee shop. Either way, you'll feel cool and sexy as hell.

So go ahead, take off your Birkenstocks, unbutton your skinny jeans, and plug in your bluetooth record player from Urban Outfitters, because you'll want to blast this while you get down.